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The pipes and drains in our homes work hard every day. Our daily household activities cause buildup from common toiletries and wastes such as toothpaste, bar soap, oil, grease, and hair. Everyday use will cause homes to occasionally need sewer and drain cleaning services from time to time.

If your home is experiencing sewer or drain backup, do not reach for harsh, chemical drain cleaners that can damage your pipes. It is better to try to first alleviate the clog with a plunger. Common clogged drain cleaning and sewer clean out diagnostics include: running a drain auger or snake through pipes to clear the blockage and using a camera to inspect pipes and determine where the problem lies.

Sometimes the clog or break will be located outside of the home. In these cases, we’ll locate the sewer clean-out and fix the problem from that location. Often in older homes, tree roots will invade sewer lines. ABC Napa Valley Sewer & Drain Plumbing is proud to provide clogged drain cleaning Napa Valley residents can count on.

Four symptoms that indicate your home might have a sewer clog:

  • Multiple locations are backed up- example- 2 toilets and a sink
  • You see water coming out of a sink or shower drain when you flush the toilet
  • You see bubbles in the toilet when you run the sink
  • Water runs out of showers or drains when you run the washing machine
  • If you experience any of these issues, get it checked out right away. It could mean that dirty, contaminated wastewater is backing up into your home.

ABC Napa Valley Sewer & Drain Plumbing Serving Napa Valley can fix any plumbing problem, from big to small. Did the washing machine hose burst? Does your home have low water pressure? Does the septic tank have problems? Are the faucets running? Is your bathroom outdated with old fixtures? Are you drinking rusty colored water from the 1950s galvanized steel pipes? ABC Napa Valley Sewer & Drain Plumbing offers the full line of plumbing residents need. Our expert plumbers take continuing education courses to stay up on emerging technology and new products. If you are looking to update your bathroom or kitchen’s plumbing, our plumbers can advise you on all the latest plumbing trends from touchless faucets and thermostatic valves to home water filtration systems.

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